Montag, 1. Januar 2018

Real blue haze: The Caledonian Highland Melange No.10.

This pipe tobacco Caledonian Highland Melange No.10 consists of a finely tuned tobacco blend of Virginia tobaccos with Black Cavendish. In commercials it says: "The Black Cavendish was stored until maturity in original whiskey barrels of the Scottish Highlands and then mixed by hand with virgin tobacco. The characteristic tobacco aroma of this tobacco composition is additionally enriched with whiskey liqueurs." 
The tobacco has a spicy-sweetish taste and offers a soft-smooth smoking pleasure.  He not only smells delicious, he also tastes excellent. The tobacco burns off easily and retains its taste to the last pull out of the pipe. Here with my Vauen Olaf 1811 tobacco pipe in black.

Will this year be a happy new year?